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  • In the last couple of days, I’ve lost a few sentences after hitting “Save and Continue.” I’ve noticed it on two computers, both of them running Firefox 1.0.3 on Linux. So far I haven’t noticed it on FF 1.0.3 on Windows, but that may just be a function of which computers I do more writing on.

    I add some text, hit “Save and Continue,” and instead of updating the content it reverts to the previously-saved version. The previous version of the page doesn’t seem to be in the history, so hitting Back doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s intermittent, and at one point I wondered whether it was related to tag balancing.

    I’m also wondering whether it’s an obscure form bug in Firefox 1.0.3, since it only started in the last few days and I haven’t added any new WordPress plugins in almost two weeks (that was upgrading to Spam Karma 2, which shouldn’t affect post edits). Both were on posts I hadn’t published yet. This is with WP 1.5.

    So I’m wondering: has anyone else seen this problem? If so, what browser/OS? Is there anyone using FF 1.0.3 who has not seen this?

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  • “Is there anyone using FF 1.0.3 who has not seen this?”

    I’d be one of those, though admittedly I haven’t done a large amount of post editing since upgrading to 1.0.3.

    Actually, I see it daily. It’s very frustrating and it has nothing to do with WordPress. It’s Firefox.

    When you hit Save and Continue, WordPress commans the page to reload. Firefox reloads the “previous” cached version. If you aren’t paying attention and notice the difference, you continue editing on your merry way and when you save the page again, it writes over the saved version with your new edits, which are actually edits on the original version, but again, only shows you the first “cached version”. PITA!!!

    If you have a large file, or your FF cache is set high, then after hitting Save and Continue Editing do a TOTAL refresh of FF by holding down Ctrl+Shift+R. That will reload the “saved” version of the page back into the browser. Serious PITA but the issue is with FF’s cache.

    I have tried setting the cache to zero, which slows down the loading of every page revisit, but it helps on the small and medium sized posts. I have learned to double check, though.

    this is happening to me as well, but on IE 6.

    I am using windows 2k3 server and IE 6. there is no way for me to save or save and continue without it reverting to a totally blank page. i have the caching set to ‘check every visit to page’. hitting ‘ctrl refresh’ does nothing to bring back the content.

    nothing more annoying then losing work and having to retype it…

    upgrading the site from 2.0 to 2.0.1 seemed to fix my problems. i can now save, and ‘save and continue’. whew.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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