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  • When I try to access my site it asks me to save a file. My host just switched over to a new server and he told me that he database got switched over, but I think that is still the problem. Maybe someone can figure out what this is by the file type or filename.

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  • That happens when the server isn’t parsing PHP properly which is something your host would have to fix. Assuming the site in question is the one in your profile, it’s working correctly now.

    It works when it is visited through but once you had the www in front of it it doesnt parse correctly.

    Once again, this is a server issue for which you’ll need to contact your web-host. They’re the only ones who can resolve this.

    Works fine for me..


    Ok and one last thing. My friend just switched hosts and obviously my install of WP was lost in the process. But we do have a backed up database. When I try to restore the database I get the errors as seen on my page now. Hopefully someone can resolve this for me.

    It looks to me like a MySQL database error but th only thing I can see is that WP came out with a new version and thats the one I installed and the versions don’t match. The update is from a week ago.

    If the old blog was an older WP version, I’d install that version and import the backup DB, then update it to the most recent WP version.

    See the thing is I am not sure if that is the problem. Is there anyway to find out what version the backup is from?

    I am not sure (about checking out the version from DB).
    On the other hand you have to be aware that using plugins that create their own db tables can also cause problems. Practically, on the target install you must have the same plugins activated as they were on the old blog!

    Are your posts stored within the database?

    Everything is stored in the database: posts, Pages (created with WP), comments. The .php files remain the same as you uploaded them on the first day.

    Ok I figured it out. I didn’t export the tables i only backed up the database. It should work later again. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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