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  • This may relate to the other question about network activation, but from what I can tell on multisite no dependency is every shown as being “satisfied.”

    That is, in the plugin_action_links() function, the $active_plugins and $network_active_plugins arrays are mutually exclusive. An item will never be in both. If it’s not in $active_plugins the dependency is then tagged “unsatisfied.” If the dependency is not in $network_active_plugins then it’s marked as “unsatisfied_network.” I should also mention that you also need to array_flip() the $network_active_plugins before you array_intersect() with the dependencies.

    I would be happy to commit a fix for this if you posted a Github repo. But it would also help to understand conceptually what “unsatisfied network” means. It seems like what you should be keeping track of us “satisfied network”, “satisfied”, and “unsatisfied.”

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