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  • Steve and I noticed a similar problem at

    SO I want to open a thread on this.

    It seems that Skyban and cannot access WP 2.9.1 sites.

    Why satellite providers are having this issue, I do not understand; perhaps they change the users ip during the session and WP boots them out.

    This problem began occuring on Friday Jan 7th and is persistent.

    I have had my hosting company check everything, DNS propagation, firewall settings, scripts etc….nothing on our end, we changed nothing.

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  • The problem my viewers are experiencing is that when attempting to arrive at the domain, their browswers return server not found.

    But this only happens for Skybeam users, and it happens regardless of platform or pc model. Infact the same laptop on SB which cannot reach my site, on a wifi system of a neighbor with ATT can reach it.

    Another satellite provider,, had this same problem, but then started allowing users to reach the site but only for short intervals.

    One writer could sometimes log in, but eventually gets disconnected with a server non found issue.

    Sometimes, he gets redirected from the WP site to another url all together.

    With StarBand I’m not getting tossed out. I can click the back button and the admin edit page will reload. When I surf to the site the site load fine and I can navigate where ever I want without any errors.

    The problems begin when I attempt to login to the admin panel using Firefox… Opera 10.10 logs in fine but runs into trouble whenever I attempt to insert an image into a posts or save a draft or publish…

    Spacenet engineer Kenneth Cate is aware of the problem and can be reached at if a WP coder wants to help solve this problem… HELP! Those of us on Satellite cannot simply pick up the phone to hire a different ISP cause there aren’t any…

    Hmm, Steve have you tried logging in with IE ?

    My user also uses firefox…

    Steve, do you use any security plugins…I’d like to compare notes, to see if we are using the same plugin which might be causing this problem.

    I use Bad Behavior and WP Spam Free.

    My user with problems does not show up as being blocked on Bad Behavior ( have no special checks, checked in its config)….on Spam Free I have M” checked

    That’s M2 not M”

    > if a WP coder wants to help solve this problem… HELP!

    So far all of the symptoms point to a network layer issue, which is several layers below where WP operates.

    Really the first thing you should have done is try to ping the IP address of the server. If that fails, then you definitely dont have a connection to the DNS zone, the firewall, or anything close to the WP script layer.

    Workingroup – Call 1-877-247-9379… Lets talk…

    Miqro groove,

    You can ping my ip, and my server/domain/ip has all the stuff rDNS, PTF, CNAME, A Record…its complete….only satellite users have a problem…

    By network layer, can you name the software…my server is using

    Apache version 2.0.63,
    running linux,
    php. 5.2.11,
    kernel version is 2.6.18-164.9.1.el5,
    MySQL version 5.1.40

    > You can ping my ip

    Yeah I don’t see that being relevant because I don’t use satellites.

    > By network layer, can you name the software

    I think you need to stay in touch with the hosting company. There could be some obscure frame size or TTL error involved with satellites, and it sounds like that hasn’t been ruled out yet.


    Can you explain what you are talking about?

    Steve did not get your email, maybe my WP Spame Free ate it…if it bounced, use my contact form at the site.

    > Can you explain what you are talking about?

    WordPress is working perfectly at the URL you provided. That’s the clearest explanation I can offer.

    NO, I was refering to frame size and TTL errors…what are those?

    workingroup: After we spoke I called (host server) and sent Carl a notepad file with the content for the draft I couldn’t edit or publish. As you can see at, Fleecing of America was edited, image inserted and published without error using their non-satellite Internet feed.

    This tells me there’s no problem with WP 2.9.1… There must be a transport issue involving conflicting proxies or packet loss between Spacenet and’s shared server.

    The tracert report and error message were requested by for further review. Packet loss could also be causing page not found errors with other Satellite ISP’s…

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