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    I have a vanilla 3.5 install with the standard Satellite Slideshow installed 1.3.4.

    I am having real problems getting it working with “the WordPress Media Gallery”. I am nervous about using the Satellite gallery just in case support for the plugin disappears and I am left with all my photos in a propriety gallery. Thus if I stick to the out-of-the-box gallery I hope to be in a better position.

    If I use “[satellite]” it works but slideshows ALL my photos. It would be great if WP allowed you to setup galleries separately from posts/pages 🙁 but it doesn’t.

    The Satellite manual really doesn’t talk about how to use a standard gallery but it seems to say it’s supported. Also I am a little unclear how to determine a posts ID, I am assuming you can see it in the URL “” – so ID = 8 ??

    Any specifics that you can give regarding using the out of the box galleries would be great. This is really holding me up because I can’t put photos into my site till I know which gallery and format I am using.

    Thanks again

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    1) Slideshow Satellite doesn’t have to display ALL of your photos, you can use exclude or include with the attachment ids in order to just have particular photos. [satellite exclude=23,43,54]

    2) Yes, you can either do just [satellite] for whatever post your in, or to get photos from a different post do [satellite post_id=54] OR [satellite slug=about] Post ids are kind of hidden, but you have the general idea. To make it easier though you could try this:

    Thanks for choosing Satellite!

    Thanks for the info and esp “Reveal ID” plugin.

    I think I am seeing the problem. If I attach NEW photos to a page and use the page ID it works. If I add images to the page from the media gallery it doesn’t add them.

    I am not sure what mechanism you use to recognize what photos are attached to a post.

    Eventually I will probably have quite a few photos in WP so using [satellite] and exclude doesn’t work. I see talk of an include but possibly only available in premium.

    I was happy to get premium at $15, would this let me do [satellite include=15,16,22] and it would work from existing images in the gallery ?

    I appreciate you posting to the forum so close to Christmas. Down in New Zealand we are in summer so this is our summer holidays from approx 22nd Dec to 6th Jan.

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    include should be working regardless of premium or not. Is it not working with your attachment ids? You should be doing attachment ids rather than their order id or anything else.

    Plugin Author cpres


    The other option is to just use the galleries. I understand you being worried about me no longer supporting the plugin (I’ve been working on this plugin since 2009 btw and don’t plan on giving up anytime soon, it’s my BABY) But the images stay on your server in the /uploads/slideshow-satellite/ folder. So you can always just FTP them out and then upload them back in through a different gallery later if you’re truly concerned about that. You’re not losing any control by uploading them to the custom galleries, and I assure you the benefits of the galleries are very high and becoming greater on each release.

    Thanks for the update.

    It’s nice to hear it’s “my BABY”, I understand the sentiments :-). I will try Premium and see how it goes. If I still have a problem I will create a new post.


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