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  • My main concern with the new design (or colored variation of a layout I’ve been using lately) deals with the colors: are they too much on the eyes, do they blend together, should I try changing any of them in particular? I’m asking because my laptop displays the green colors in a way that I like, whereas the green shades on my desktop monitor are a little too bright. So, what do you guys think? I set up a testing blog here and I am running it on my main blog, Sarcasm in a Bottle, as well.

    Is there anything else about the theme that I should think about correcting?

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  • Never one to sugar coat anything use this:

    Oh and the colors/desogn, one word


    At least you’re honest. Thanks for letting me know.

    It’s readable, which is better than a lot of blogs. The colors aren’t “me” but then it isn’t my blog. 😉

    Roughly 1 in 20 people have some sort of color vision deficiency. The world looks different to these people: they often find it hard to tell red and green things apart. This often means that they sometimes can’t see things that ‘color normal’ people can see. You can’t know whether your friend have color vision deficiency or not. You would like to have this Design – Ok it is yours- but, please — be a treasure and allow your user to change the style to a *better reading* Design. — your design is very extraordinary –

    kindly regards

    While it’s no where near horrid, I personally don’t like the color combinations. They’re interesting, but they just don’t flow together IMO, especially the pink box.

    Whilst I’m not a fan of the background (takes too much focus), I actually like everything else. A very nice layout and the rounded corners look good in FF.

    The large ‘blocks’ for the top nav-bar elements also work well though it’s a bit buggy in FF with the hover state staying on.

    Just needs a bit of tuning but nice job:)

    I agree that the background takes the focus away from your content, but the actual layout looks good.

    You might want to check out this site for some more color schemes.
    Color Schemer Gallery

    Completely my opinion. Don’t put too much in it. 🙂

    Personally, I think it could fly with some minor tweaks. My main issue is that the page lacks any contrast, particularly with where the body text/entries are. While I admire your use of color, it makes it difficult for readers to view your articles.

    – I’m not a big fan of the background tiles; it’s too distracting. Perhaps softer colors, a simpler design, or simply lowering its opacity could help.
    – The color of pink box where the last entry doesn’t seem to work, IMO. Perhaps a lighter shade? If all else fails, there’s always white.
    – Again, contrast. Play around a bit with the text colors. You might find something that works for you.

    I think the overall design is pretty good, however. Nice job.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions; I will put them to use while tweeking the design.

    I like it. I could do without the jazzy lined background, but it’s not as distracting as some things I’ve seen around! You might try greying the colors down, or hauling the tile into photoshop and doing a number on its opacity (don’t ask me how – that’s my daughter’s bailiwick).

    I like it a LOT better than your previous schema!

    Hey, I like it.

    The only colors I dont really like is the sidebar backgrounds and the past entries div background.

    I think it’s totally readable but the comment above is a good point. make sure folks who dont see like you can see it too. That’s a LOT more than ‘blind’ people.

    the text wrap on the header ‘Estate’ is cutting into the top line a bit. I dunno if that matters if they will always be caps. If you start mixing in lowercase, gs and j and y might not like it so much.

    another great color tool is the slayeroffice tool. I use it all the time.

    good for you for trying something different.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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