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  • Well, this is strangely quite scary, posting my URL with the explicit intention of having people tell me what’s wrong (or even right, you never know) with the theme I’ve knocked together.

    First things first, it’s not fancy, it’s quite plain. Simplicity is beautiful, if you ask me, so there’s not a lot happening onscreen. I don’t have a great deal of content yet, but when I do, that will be what I want people to remember, rather than the fancy hovery pop-up stuff.

    Anyway. I took a three column css I found somewhere (I will give full credit when I finish the page describing how I came about my theme), and some sidebar stuff from almost-spring and played with it a bit, and not much else really. Minor tweaks here and there.

    Can someone with a Mac let me know how it looks on their browser(s) – I haven’t been able to use iCompare yet. Also, is there too much empty space? Do I really need a third column all that way over on the right? If so, what could I use it for? Does it just look like there’s a gap where some content should go? Should I center it all?

    So. The URL. As you can see, I failed to think of a wry, witty, r amusing URL. Thanks for looking:

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  • I like clean looks as well. IMO the center column could use more room, haveyou considered a fixed total width on the page?
    I’m not too fond of the yellow(cream?) bgcolor on the left side but that’s just me 🙂
    Maybe a little more space between the sections to the left would be ok?

    Looks fine in FF 1.0.6 and Safari 1.3 at 800×600.

    The lead headline about the football does seem to put some extra spaces between the first two words, giving it an odd spacing though. Otherwise, your description fits the site well.

    Thanks for the thoughts, folks.

    Class – I’ve put it all in a wrapper now and centered it. Trouble with what i’ve got now is that I used to use a < div style=”clear:both;” >< /div > in the index to make sure the post headers were below any images in the previous post, but now if I use that it clears below the navigation… not sure how to deal with that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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