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    Dear mr Barker
    Let me first try to explain what I want to achieve. In the end I have a few questions for you.

    Requirements and my thoughts on implementation.
    I want to set up a wordpress application with a database that contains “family records”. A family is defined as a group of people with 1 email address and one location (adress).Only the head of the family is allowed to create/update/delete the records. I think the participation database is a great tool for this. Until now I did some exercises with the possibilities it offers.
    The records are set up with 2 groups: The group basic-info contains the fields gender, full name, birthdate and photo, the location-info group contains the fields street, number, postcode (Dutch for zipcode), city, phone and email.
    Only the head of the family requires the location-info.
    Flow of the activities:
    The head of the family signs up and provides values for some or all of his basic and location fields. This will be done on the “sign-up head of family page”. Only email is obligatory at this moment. He or she is then led to a page that shows this information: “the family page”. At this moment the family page has only one record that can be edited. A button is shown that takes care for adding a new record, so that leads to the “sign-up family member page”. After filling in the basic info (no location-info required for the family members), a return to the family page takes place. For a complete family the family page shows a head of family record and several member records. Each record should have a record-link button for editing. The member records might also have a button for deletion. In the end the family page might contain a general button that sends the information to another application, e.g. a payment plugin if you want to order membership cards for the whole family.

    My questions and reqests for comment:
    – Am I on the right track, is participation database plugin the tool I should use?

    – In one of you answers (in the documentation section about multiple databases) you gave a hint for setting up 2 different pdb-signup pages. I guess this is also the way to go in this case

    – The family page is the core of the application. I guess my requirement can be met with 2 different [pdb-list] shortcodes; one for the head of family and one for the (set of) members

    – As far as I understand the register button on the sign-up page(s) takes care that a page pops up that has [pdb-record] in it. I would like to skip that and go immediately the the family page. Is that doable?

    – Do you think I have to dive in deeply into PHP coding to achieve all of this?

    Would it be possible to comment on my approach and maybe give some tips or hints, possible pitfalls etc. ?

    I think the plugin is a nice piece of work and I greatly appreciate the work you have done with it and the way you support it. Thanks for that

    PS my background. I have coded (assembler, fortran, C) from 1970 to 2000, but stopped when CSS was introduced. Just recently picked up again with Python and WordPress. Currently I am a volunteering treasurer for an organization that exploits a playground for children and I’m trying to set up a membership database for it.

    Kind regards,
    Peter van Mol

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    Generally speaking, the plugin is not set up such that you could have a record that is a kind of “master” record that has several sub-records attached to it. If you understand how it works, it may suit your needs, but you will be doing something with the plugin that it is not specifically designed to do…therefore it will probably require some custom coding and some inventiveness about how to set up the interactions that will let your users do what they need to do.

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    Dear Roland,
    Thank you very much for your fast and insightfull reply. The master/sub-record(s) is exactly what I am looking for. I think it is better to look for another approach than trying to tweak the PDB for something it is not really designed for. This will save me a lot of frustration. Maybe one of the readers of this forum can point me to a solution/plugin/approach that better fits my needs.

    Thanks again

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    I just like the pdb too much to give it up too soon. If you can’t get it to work, change the requirements 🙂
    I’m investigating to leave the idea of master/subrecords. Just one record for the whole family, which in our case has a max of 6 children.
    Location info: 6 fields
    Max 2 parents : 10 fields
    Max 6 kids : 30 fields

    signup, record, list, single all tried out, but I have no clue how I can display a page with [pdb_single] on it after submitting a record_update. I tried the “action=Singlepage”, but that shows nothing and I don’t really understand how the record-id of the record_update page should be passed to the pdb_single page.

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    Hi Roland,
    Is it possible to replace the record_link in the list display by one that links to the pdbrecord page instead of the pdbsingle page?

    SI have several records grouped together by a CODE field, such that the URL
    http://site/pdblist?search_field=code_field&value=CODE displays a set of records.
    When I use one of the record fields for a record_link, that link brings me to the URL http://site/pdbsingle?pdb=xxx (where xxx is the ID of the record).

    I would like to link to the record (update) page: http://site/pdbrecord?id=xxx or preferably http://site/pdbrecord?private_id=yyy (for security reasons)

    UPDATE : I just found this:
    I think I should read that first

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