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  • I am building a secodary feed within a page that is public, not in a plugin directory. From what I can see is that WP sanitizes the content CDATA item with a call to wp-includes/functions.php apply_filters. Basically replacing ” and ‘ quoutes ect. Am I correct here?

    Can you point me at the correct documenatation to clean the db query of wp_posts.post_content up so my feed validates?

    Also do you have any documentation on what needs to be replaced in a feed so that the content:encoded element will validate? From what I can see WP does not replace the attrubute’s double quoutes, just the chars in the text like the ” and ‘ ect.

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  • Now I have the cdata portion of the feed working and now cdata is replacing my ” with ?. I am almost there with this. How does Wp deal with this or is this a rss issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Chris Lang

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