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    G’day, I have put through some test purchases with the eWay Sandbox from the new shopping cart website I am building for a customer.

    It’s using WP e-Commerce Version and the eWAY Payment Gateway Version 3.1.3 | By WebAware

    I am noticing on every transaction that in the WP e-Commerce ‘Transaction Results’ (and all previous pages) that
    You ordered these items:

    Item Total

    Woolen Throw $240.00 1 $240.00
    Total Shipping: $25.40
    Total Tax: $0.00
    Total: $265.40

    But when I look at the Sandbox report the amount reported there is $266.00.
    Naturally my concern is that if it is happening in the Sandbox, what will happen live?

    Since discovering this (and many tests) I contacted eWay to see if there was anything happening their end which could be causing it.
    They say not and to contact you

    The eWay Customer Care person did offer this up,
    “It sounds like the module is incorrectly using the PHP function ‘ceiling’ instead of ’round’ to round the number up to a whole number. I would suggest contacting the module developer to have this investigated as this is certainly not by design. Your account will reflect exactly the amount sent to the gateway.”

    Are you able to shed any light on this?
    If you need more background info please yell.

    By the way! Your Plugin is a big help, well done!

    Thanks in advance
    Peter Herriman

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    G’day Peter,

    I need to document that for this plugin. In my Gravity Forms eWAY plugin, I say this in the FAQ:

    Why is the amount paid bigger than the form total when sandbox is enabled?
    When the sandbox is enabled, the payment amount is rounded up by default, because the eWAY sandbox server returns different error codes when the amount has cents. This can be a useful feature for testing how your website displays errors, but you normally don’t want it when testing a payment form.

    I haven’t added an option for turning that feature off for this plugin, but I’ll get around to it one day. In the meantime, rest assured that rounding up only occurs for the sandbox.


    Thanks Ross, much appreciated.

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