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  • I’m stuck with an older OS (Mac9) and thus an older browser (Netscape 7) at the moment. It’s going to take me a few months to save up for a new iMac, and until then I have to visit websites using the tools available to me. This means that much of the Sandbox site is off-limits to me because the pages won’t load in my browser. In short, has become too important for the likes of me.

    I have to wonder, how many of you theme designers actually get your code validated before adding that “Valid XHTML” link? How many of you think it worth your time to correct your code before making your themes available. Or even having someone else look it over for you?

    How many of you understand the importance of basic standards? Or is the lure of neat toys too much for you?

    Has WordPress gotten to the point where we’ve forgotten the importance of a solid foundation, and now threaten to overwhelm an inadequate and overburdened one with geegaws and tchotkes? What will WordPress do when competitors come along (and they will) who follow basic principles and provide a foundation capable of handling the demands placed on it?

    Isn’t it time for a new design philosophy in software design? One which eschews patches, fixes, and work-arounds in favor of actual repairs. Even the total dismantling of the code in order to find the cause of the problem, and eliminating it. Or are we going to let matters get so unweildy, so top heavy it all comes crashing down?

    There is no reason why pages can’t load in Netscape 7 or any other old browser. There is no reason why WordPress blogs and themes don’t validate out of the box. Will WordPress become obsolete because of bad decisions made decades ago, or will WordPress lead the way in corecting those errors?

    Is WordPress becoming too important for the likes of me?

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  • What a pointless rant! You start with issue of using obsolete software, and then somehow attack WordPress’ design philosophy? Huh?

    There are thousands of reasons why old browser may fail to load website – all of them unrelated to XHTML validity or WordPress code. In fact the major reason in this case is lack of support for the modern standards from old browser.

    So WordPress is fine.
    And you need to try iCab ( ) – the last decent browser still maintained for MacOS 9.



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    I’m not sure quite what your message is mythusmage. I agree that people should make more of an effort to check stuff before releasing it.

    Unfortunately you then go onto talk about validation, but the site linked from your name has 464 errors. Which just shows that we can’t all be perfect all the time.

    464 validation errors? I think that is a forum record 🙂 Well spotted mrmist. And speaking as a web developer I feel no obligation to support any of the Netscape monstrosities. Why should I?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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