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    I just installed and activated my website to “Sampression Lite”. Home page is working fine but when I click on any post or page it says the URL can not be found on the server. Any Idea as why this is coming?

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  • Seems to be working fine for me – have you cleared your browser cache?

    I just noticed that it’s working fine with default permalinks but when I change it to other formats, for example – Day name, Month name etc. it stops working. Any workaround for this?

    Hi @ambuj,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    After changing permalink from back end, The second step is to redirect your old permalinks to your new ones if it is not redirected automatically.

    To do that, you have to add redirects to your .htaccess file, There is a tool that generates these redirects for you based on your domain and your old permalink structure. To use this tool, click on this link and add the generated redirects in your .htaccess file.

    Best Regards,

    Hi WPMU DEV,

    Thanks for the help. The problem is resolved. But, I am having another problem. Title for the post/page is not coming.

    Any solution around this?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nitesh Ambuj

    Hi @ambuj,

    You are welcome.

    I checked your site and found that post title is displaying properly.

    Can you just tell me exactly with url if possible where it is not displaying?

    Best Regards, – Title in the browser is not as per the post. It goes with other posts as well.

    Hi @ambuj,

    Thanks for reply.

    Currently the title of post is “Why Anna Is Important?”.

    Is it not what you expected? If not then what’s the desired title it should be?

    Best Regards,

    I am not getting it. I can see the title in the browser (Chrome) as just Nitesh Ambuj and not “Why Anna Is Important?”.

    In fact, I am expecting the title as “Why Anna Is Important?”

    Is there something wrong with browser? But, the same (Just “Nitesh Ambuj” as title) it coming in IE as well. Just checked.

    Checked with my friends as well. Title is not getting updated.

    Hi @ambuj,

    Thanks for reply.

    I have attached the screenshot of what i see in the browser.

    Can you just show me the same by taking screenshot of the page?

    Best Regards,

    I am talking about this… please see attached image. The title in the browser not the post title.

    See the same for posts and pages..

    Hi @ambuj,

    Thanks for reply and showing me screenshot.

    I saw the problem, the title of page/post is not displaying in browser title bar.

    I downloaded the theme from and checked the code. i found in the code that the theme only displays blog name for page/post and for home/front page it displays blog description along with blog name if it is set in back end.

    To display post/page title in browser title bar along with blog name, add following code in functions.php file of your child theme or develop a WordPress plugin and add following code in it.

    add_action('wp', 'remove_sampression_filter');
    function remove_sampression_filter(){
    	remove_filter( 'wp_title', 'sampression_filter_wp_title' );
    add_filter( 'wp_title', 'sampression_custom_filter_wp_title',99 );
    function sampression_custom_filter_wp_title() {
    	// Add the blog name.
    	 bloginfo( 'name' );
    	// Add the blog description for the home/front page.
    	$site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description', 'display' );
    	if ( $site_description && ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) ){
    		echo " | $site_description";
    	} else if( is_singular() ) {
    		echo " | " . get_the_title();

    Best Regards,

    Theme Author Sampression


    Hi @ambuj, thank you for using our theme – we’re coming up with a new version of Sampression Lite soon.

    @wpmu dev thank you for your suggestions.

    @wpmu Dev — thanks for the suggestion. will try to implement this.

    @sampression — This is one of the best themes I have seen in the recent time. There are couple of glitched like mentioned above and I hope you would rectify them going forward.


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