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    In a recent installation of WordPress I am running into something that I have never seen before. I have a static front page and a separate blog page for the site, but for some od reason, within the permalink for pages and attachment pages, the url contains “sample-page”.

    So is what all of the links show. I have no idea where this is coming from and have never experienced it before. Any advice? I have reset permalinks, disabled permalinks, deleted the htaccess and allowed wordpress to recreate it. All without success. Thanks guys!

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  • The sample page is pre-built into your theme, it seems. You can delete it or rename and use it for some useful page.

    I knew that. Just as there is a sample-post page. My question was regarding why it is included in my permalinks for other pages etc. But as it turns out it was a stupid mistake on my part, I had all of my other pages set as children of this page. It is corrected now. Thanks.

    Glad to know that you could locate the problem and fix it.
    If the problem is corrected, please mark this topic as solved.

    well you just saved me a bucketload of troubleshooting as I just realized I had made the same mistake over here.. Although not sure how much of a mistake it is, if you change the title of this page from sample-page or soemthing else, or any page to something else wordpress should ask you also want to change the permalink for that page as well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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