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    I’ve searched (forum and codex) and I have not found the answer to my specific question. The only post that mentioned a similar problem is 6 months old and is still unresolved.

    I have installed WP locally (using Xampp) to conduct tests and design my own theme (tweaking an existing theme).

    I am teaching myself all the necessary skills (tags, PHP, CSS, etc) on the run – admitedly I’m a newbie in all that, so bear with me.

    So that I can test all possibilities of my theme as I tweak it, it would be interesting to have some kind of sample database with a dozen or so posts, with comments, links, pages, etc. I’m thinking something like the very database used in this site’s “Theme Viewer”…

    Is anything like that available now, or is there anyway to (I don’t know if the word is correct in English) ‘leech’ that sample database Theme Viewer uses?

    I guess you could tell me to move my *ss and build one mock database myself, but it would take forever (given my tech knowledge) and it would never be as comprehensive as, say, ThemeViewer’s…

    (I’ve written to the admins of Theme Viewer as well asking about their mock database…)

    Thanks. Looking forward to your answer.

    Augusto Ornellas

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  • Augusto – the simplest way is just to install a test-version of wp, write a few random posts and then make more posts when you want to test a particular funcionality of the system or CSS.

    I don’t believe there’s a “sample” that can be leeched.

    The method above will only take about ten minutes to do and it also means that you will know what’s in the posts to control the output.



    As the database includes user accounts/pwds and site URL values, distributing a sample isn’t quite as straight-forward as one might hope…

    you can save the RSS of the themeviewer to your local machine.
    then use the import option within wordpress admin, to import posts from your local file.

    Thats one way of doing it.

    That’s what I’m doing: I imported all the posts from our Blogger site using WordPress’ Import functionality. It worked great.

    sadish – thanks!

    I will check that RSS solution (I still have to teach myself how to do that – yes, I’m just starting!) later tonight and, if everything goes OK, I’ll report here and close this topic!

    Thanks again.


    Your solution worked like a charm. It imported all: posts, image, categories, etc… The only thing it didn’t get was the comments, but thats OK with me.

    Topic closed – problem solved!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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