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  • I’m struggling to understand the workings of the plugin SAML 2.0 Single Sign On WordPress .

    What exactly do we need to make it work , what is the secret to that server it exactly?

    I’m creating a java application that will return all paramentros he needs, but not sambemos what it needs to identify the user who will come from Java ( java application using SAML 2.0 )

    Our project will fucionar well :
    We have 3 different web environments

    1 wordpress
    1Aplicação java which is where the user will provide the data .

    first we solve the single sign on with java and wordpress and then we solve the moodle that has nothing to do with the plugin for wordpress .

    java to log in the user requests a service for the admin panel of WP and is directed to the wp – admin already authenticated.

    what is the function of this plugin ?
    You can do what I described ?

    grateful for the help

    att . Flávio Igino
    Sao Paulo

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