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Same WordPress multiple non-standard ports ssl/plain

  • So I have a standard virtual host wordpress installation on http://example.com/wp/ It works great! I already have an SSL site (example.org) on port 443, so I cannot have wordpress on port 443. I have a new virtual host on port 8443 pointing to the same location as the installed wordpress: https://example.com:8443/wp/

    The problem is all other SSL parts of 8443 work fine with the cert for example.com. BUT, when I go to https://example.com:8443/wp/ it /always/ redirects me to https://example.com/wp/. Hence since SSL you cannot do name based virtual hosts, it’s actually the site of https://example.org/wp (443 implied) but called .com.

    What kind of rewrite rules or mods can I do to wordpress? Changing the wordpress base URL to https://example.com:8443/wp/ won’t work, because I don’t want foreign visitors getting the “unknow CA” error. However, when I want to administer the site, I want to use the SSL version. I already have the CA in my trusted root.

    Again, this is a wordpress mod_rewrite issue because all other sites under the 8443 virtual host work fine (even CakePHP).

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