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  • We have an existing ASP.NET site and need to add multiple folders on the same domain for things like blogs, news, etc. It’s easy enough to configure a virtual directory in IIS that makes /blogs point at a WordPress instance. However, is it possible to use that same instance and DB for /news and others? Or should we expect to treat each of those virtual directories as separate WordPress sites?

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  • I guest you have three options here:

    · First, the simple one, treat each section (blog, news…) as a WordPress category in a single WordPress instalation. Or a little bit complex but more customizable, create a custom post type for each section (blog, news…) if they are going to have different structure.

    Each category will be like:, but can me hacked with a plugin:

    Each custom post type will be like:,

    · Second, use WordPress Multisite and treat each section as a WordPress Single site on the WordPress Multisite instalation. You will have the ability to treat each section different (with different configuration) but using the same theme for example.
    Doc about WordPress Multisite:

    ·Third, use different WordPress installations on different folder on your server. This can be complex but will be useful if you want a totally independent site for each section.
    Doc about Directories on WordPress:

    Thank you, these are the kinds of options we were looking for.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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