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  • Hello all
    I have 2 different blogs on my site, both are wordpress (one is updated from B2)
    I would like to keep the same users on both blogs. So if I create a new user he can post to both of them.
    I know it was possible for several blogs to share users, but is it possible with wordpress?
    If so how?
    Thanks in advance

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  • Umm little help, anyone?

    I’m pretty sure there isn’t a way right now. I agree, it would be VERY handy as I’ve setup seperate blogs for each of my family members. It seems to me that it might be better to have a single blog with multiple frontpages or the like as opposed to trying to make users go from one blog to another. Something like: http://blog/rob snows me my stuff, http://blog/family shows the family content with the family header, etc.

    You could hack each installation to use different table prefixes but then modify wp-settings.php for each to use the same users table.

    Now that I’ve started playing with this and have a rudimentry multi-blog setup with a single user base (all in one DB) I have a question or a call for suggestions.
    What are peoples thoughts on how to handle permissions (user level) on a blog per blog basis?
    This is the problem, user Joe of and Fred of share the same DB and same DB (with different prefixes) and the same user base so people they don’t have to register on each…but…this makes Joe, who is user level 9 on his blog, able to muck with Fred’s…even if accidentially.

    I think people will use this feature in different ways. I’ve done a hack myself ( with the old b2 code. It uses cookies in order to set the $blog variable (keeping track of what blog the user is manipulating) and when the b2config file is called it reads the cookie and decides what tables to use. It required a little mucking around with the other files, but everything works OK with minimal muss to the original code. I’m in the process of migrating to wp right now, I was having major problems with the old wp.72 code getting this hack to work. With wp1.01 code it seems to be behaving much better – though I am still have a page refresh issue that I have to play around with a bit more.
    Back on topic, I use multiple blogs in order to set up seperate areas in my website with differenct purposes. I would like to have one user space, with each user having a single profile, and single user level. However I’d like to be able to set the level needed in order to manipulate each blog at different levels for each blog. (ie. for posting a level of 5 is needed on the “News” blog, a level of 0 is needed for the “Rants” blog). My multiple blog purpose might be different than what the average person might need but I thought I’d throw it out there as a consideration.

    Rob, be sure to delete install.php once you’re done with it as that check you commented out is to prevent people from overwriting you installation.

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