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    This plugin is kind of what I am looking for however does it allow the same user to register twice on different subsites?

    Eg. I am running a multisite with multiple woocommerce subsites that are unrelated to each other. If User A checks out on my subsite1 and creates and registers an account in the process and then later goes to my subsite4 and checks out and also tries to create an account with the same username and password. Will they be able to do this?
    Currently standard multisite functionality will give this user a message saying that the username and email already exists even though in their minds they have never been to subsite 4 before.

    This will be super confusing for them.

    Let me know if your plugin can solve this issue?

    Thanks so much,

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  • Plugin Author Justin Fletcher


    Yes the plugin handles registration on more than one sub-site within the same network.

    So for the case where a user has already registered on subsite1 of the Network and they register on subsite2 with the same username and a different email address they will see the message “Sorry, that username already exists!“.

    This is since the plugin uses the email address as the uniqueness and proof that it’s the same user. However, if they register on subsite2 using the same email address for registration then they are automatically given an account on subsite2. Also once registered all subsites that they belong to on the Network are then listed on the screen (e.g. subsite1, subsite2 …etc) as confirmation that they are now also a ‘subscriber’ on subsite2.

    Note: If the username given for subsite2 registration is different from their subsite1 username then the username provided is ignored so that subsite1 and subsite2 have the same original username (which is associated with the email address already).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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