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  • Hi everybody!

    I have to edit the tabs of a WB site, which are only accessible from inside the theme, in header.php .

    I made a copy of the website in order not to affect the original until it is ready, but I am still struggling in making an identical copy of the site.

    On (original site):
    In Appearance>Theme:
    Current Theme: “Crossroad Innovation 2.1” (also called “Connections reloaded”, with a strange-looking thumbnail).
    Available themes: “Crossroad Innovation 2.0” (blank thumbnail).

    On (copy):

    -I can easily apply the “current theme” (Crossroad Innovation 2.1) to the alternative website, by dragging the theme folder “Connections reloaded” onto the ftp server of
    The installation works fine, but the site doesn’t look like it should. (it looks like the thumbnail: green and beige, with major layout differences).

    -When I apply the theme “Crossroadinnovation 2.0” to “”, it doesn’t work either. (only the first 3 cm of the site appear)

    -If I apply both themes to
    “Connections Reloaded”>”current” and
    the site is totally redirected to login page, and will not accept any of the passwords anymore.

    I have to empty the whole alternative server, in order to access the original control panel again.

    My question is:
    How can I install the proper theme (?) on the alternative website without creating any link conflict?

    Thanks in advance.

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