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  • I am using WP 2.1.2, recently installed. The two blogs in question are and

    Both blogs use the same theme, RockinNewspaper for Adsense 3Col 1, by Cory Miller. One of the blogs, the Reviews Blog, had installed a little funny, around Thursday. Yesterday it went blank–typed in the URI and got a blank screen with “done” in the lower left corner. The Dashboard comes up when I type WP-admin, and all the (two) posts are shown in the Manage section, so content is not lost.

    The companion blog,, is running fine.

    Today, not only did the “reviews” blog show a blank face to the world, but also the image of the theme showed a “broken image” icon in the upper left, instead of the minimal image for the theme that’s available at the “process” blog site.

    I have tried the kubrick and classic themes. They do not load and show my content, either.

    I have checked with WHM for my sites, and I do see some greater amount of traffic for the “reviews” blog than I would expect.

    Again, the two blogs have an identical theme. One is working, one is not. I’m puzzled.

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