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  • I want to have this category base


    Subcategories have different parentcategories, but they have the same name and slug. Name can be same, but WP tells me that slug must be unique so it changes one slug (most recent) in subcategory-category2.

    Is it possible to have subcategories with same name and slug, but different parent? Or should I use some other way to achieve this?


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  • Hi niksy! I’ve been asking for years (since the taxomony implementation), as well as many other people on the forum, the subcategories to work this way but each time, I got the same answer: ‘WordPress doesn’t work like this anymore’. Periode.

    The problem is, when you use WordPress as a CMS, you ABSOLUTELY NEED to have subcategories with same name and slug, with different parent. Apparently, this is not a priority for the dev team. I know they do an amazing work but why ignore such an important feature used in all CMS websites? I have no idea…………. 🙁

    So there’s no easy way to do this? 🙁
    Well, I think new post types introduced in WordPress 3.0 could work this way – define post type as one category and have same subcategories under that post type. Or am I missing something? Haven’t tried post types exstensively to confirm this.

    please. would also love to have this

    I also neeeeed this. 🙁

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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