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  • Hello,

    I want to create 2 web on same hosting, different domain and content but i want to make spesific user (example Premium member) who can login to both site , site 1 , site 2 each web has same spesific user but different admin. Example

    Site 1 = admin1 create user A, user A can login on site 1 and site 2
    Site 2 = admin2 create user B , user B can login on site 2 and site 1, but when admin1 login to Dashboard->User list admin1 only can see userlist on own site 1 Plus Premium user, no user admin2, etc.

    How i can do that? anyone can help me out?

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  • That’s actually how Multisite works.

    Site admins are only admins on THEIR site. So if Admin1 logs in to Site2 as a member, they only see what a member sees. NEVER what an admin sees.

    Hello Mika, thanks for your reply, i mean site 1 and site 2 has own content, user admin, user contributor, but both site only had same user subscriber, nothing else. can Multisite do that? what i must suppose to do? sorry for my bad english

    That’s what Multisite does, right away, out of the box.

    User permissions are granted per-site, so if I’m an admin on site 1, I can be a user, or not even HAVE access to site 2. The sites CAN have the same subscribers, but you have to configure the users per site. It really just does exactly what you’re describing 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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