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  • I can’t browse to the install.php file either. I have mysql 4.1.22 and php 2.11.6 at my server. I have just downloaded the software and am trying to install it as per the video and text instructions. I think I have executed all the steps as instructed. Should I have ftp loaded to the public_html file or another one?

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  • Php 2? You need, as far as my knowledge goes, php 4 at least!

    Thanks. How do I go about getting php 4 or better? Is it on the hosting server? I am a newbie with these sort of things.

    Who’s your hosting provider? You should at least have 4.2.2 I believe.
    Yes, upload to /public_html/
    Depending on what server chmod ALL files to 777 or 755. You can tell it’s wrong if your server redirects.
    After the install, chmod wp-config.php to 644
    If you still can’t do it give me a holler and I’ll help do it.

    Thanks. The php on the server – Hostingbay, is V.5 so it should be OK What is chmod? I want to do it myself – don’t want to be a burden on people like yourself. Thanks for the offer – I’ll certainly holler if I can’t do the job.

    Things have improved a bit. I put all the WordPress files in a folder named wordpress in the public_html folder. When I attempted to access it I got the “Error establishing a database connection” message. Went back and checked all the data in the config.php file – all OK checked my DB setup via cpanel – all meshes, same name database UN & PW all OK – I’m beginning to think there is a conspiracy agin me.
    Regards dudley

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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