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    I am creating a new blog-magazine at the moment with several members. When I am editing a new post, I can rearange those boxes and options and activate/deactivate them – as everyone already knows 🙂

    I want to arrange all those boxes like “excerpt”, “categories”, “Author” and so on in a special way for a good workflow. So that I can teach new members (authors, editors) very easily, because we all see the same boxes on the screen.

    Is that possible? Is there a plugin to tell WordPress “Please use this arrangement as standard for all other new (!) members”?

    That would be so nice. Because at the moment every new member has the same chaos at the beginning and has to rearange all those boxes. I would like to define a standard-arrangement for all new members. Not just in the post-edit, also in the overview of posts and so on.

    Any advice?

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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