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  • Hi,

    Since a couple of weeks ago I use a separate php file for my blog. All posts automatically are shown with a max of 15. At the bottem the famous previous and next links.

    But now a couple of posts are shown multiple times, while it actually is the same post and I haven’t got a clue why this happens.


    Gr. Dennis

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  • Nice site, thx.
    I bookmarked it and will look into this. A lot of the same wrong use of code, not difficult to fix. But no answer for the double posts appearing on this page. Or am I wrong?

    I didn’t wade through the errors.
    It could be a plugin – try deactivating them all and test
    if it works ok, re-activate one by one until you find offender

    What’s your setting for this:
    Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most

    After a quick deactivating of all plug-ins, I saw a little piece of code that’s used for my archive in combination with a plug-in.

    I gonna check it tonight, but I’m a great step in the right direction.

    Thanks, but I can put every number I want in this box, the php file overules this value. But to avoid any problems, I’ve also set it to 15.

    Now creating an other way for my acrhive…

    Gr. Dennis

    @ DJD_79

    So what you are saying is you’re using a custom loop, and within the custom loop your receiving duplicate posts?

    Yes, you can say that. I explain:

    The blog catches all posts. It’s okay, because the rest are pages.
    My archive was a manually (monthly) post that ~with the help of the plug-in inline posts~ created this part of the site.

    And there was the error, because this post (with all other posts in it) was also shown at my blog page. As a solution: I now have disabled my archive…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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