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  • i’ve searched the forums far and wide.
    i’ve read the wiki.
    i’ve tried and tried and tried..
    but i can’t figure out what’s wrong and no one will help me.

    i downloaded a template. i made my own images; they’re the same size and saved as the exact image name from the template, and i put them in the exact folders as the template images (so the ‘stock’ template images are replaced with the ones i made).
    while one template image is showing up… the ones i drew to put there are not.
    they don’t show up in internet explorer or firefox.. but they DO show up in safari.
    what the???

    please, please, PLEASE.. someone help me figure out what to do so they show up in all browsers…

    thank you!

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  • Sounds like a caching issue. Have you done a forced refresh?

    If that doesn’t work go in and delete your images then revisit the site to confirm that the ones being shown are actually the same file that you think are being shown.

    Moderator kmessinger


    What is not showing up? Looks fine in IE7. In Foxfire the flicker image is not showing up.

    i’ve put a little blue egg image on the date of each entry, and in the left column there are trees. the blue flower image at the top is the stock template image that i haven’t tried to replace yet.

    i’ve reset all browsers… and still my images are not showing in firefox of explorer.
    BUT.. if any of you have safari.. my images are showing up there.
    this doesn’t make any sense to me???

    doesn’t wordpress have an email support?

    again.. my journal–




    I see absolutely nothing in your source code that even resembles what you are describing, and I am sorry I am not going to download another browser, in order to troubleshoot something that will inevitably turn out to be not a browser issue.

    look at this:

    Click on all of those in Firefox and watch what happens..

    you have images there that either have corrupt headers or are not sending the right headers. In other words, quite possibly you renamed a file thats actually a gif to a .jpg ..

    you cannot do that, if you have.

    or maybe you uploaded those files in ascii mode .. images get uploaded in binary mode.

    there is a problem with the picasso image, as well as the date.gif .. thats all I checked — you can take a look at the rest.

    Either way, its not a browser issue, or a wordpress issue, and no, there’s no e-mail support.

    I am not sure if you are experiencing the same problem, but it is similar to my situation. for some reason, the header of my blog, which is a .gif file will load in safari and mozilla, but will not load in IE? Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    Please don’t take this as directed at you but that theme (source code) is a mess and your WP shows up here as WP 2.3.2.

    First thing I’d do is update to 2.5.1
    Then change theme.

    Here in:
    FF only the header shows up and the whole theme is shifted to the right, so not all your search field is visible. The flickr stuff is blocked here as js is restricted in FF. (It blocked, yimg, etsy and flickr)

    Also in your header I see a link to:


    but this doesn’t exist, and all favicon’s end with .ico

    In Safari all looks OK
    In Camino same as FF

    There are no image calls in your source apart from the one mentioned above, so FF maybe blocking them because of, as I do, a restriction in your browser settings, or as whooami says “quite possibly you renamed a file that’s actually a gif to a .jpg”.

    Don’t use IE! here.

    There’s some very old themes in your ‘theme’ folder, when you upgrade put an ‘index.html’ in there as well to stop people seeing what you have installed ; )

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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