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  • Greetings again.

    First of all let me assure you I did in fact do a thorough search in this support community for this problem. I also did a few google searches. I have tried many suggestions and to no avail; I still get this error message.

    “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.”

    My setup is as follows:

    Apache 2.0.52

    MySQL 5.0.17
    MySQL Administrator 1.1.6
    MySQL Query Browser 1.1.18

    PHP 5.1.1
    phpMyAdmin 2.7.0 pl2

    This is on Win XP and is therefore my WAMP in use.

    Everything is installed properly as far as I know. I can start/stop the MySQL server. I can access and create the databases via the MySQL Admin panel, I can even do so via the phpMyAdmin. Both of these show me that the wordpress database exists and all is well, permissions and all.

    The PHP obviously works because I have my webserver working that uses PHP and HTML. phpMyAdmin also works, so that in itself should prove that much.

    So Apache works. MySQL works, and PHP is fine too. So what is causing my problem here? I even take extra measure to restart the apache server and sometimes the mysql server just to accept the changes if need be.

    My file seems to be correctly set. My wp-config.php is all set with correct info also.

    My php.ini file has: extension=php_mbstring.dll and extension=php_mysqli.dll uncommented. I also have a copy of the libmysql.dll in my C:\WINDOWS which was required to remove an error I once had in phpMyAdmin. I have my environmental variable PATH set to my php install directory. C:\WINDOWS also has an exact copy of the php.ini file too.

    Per a couple of suggestions of copying php.ini files in couple places, or uncommenting the extension=php_mssql.dll
    in the php.ini file, and even adding code to the wp-settings.php — none of these worked for me. Adding that code only gave me another error along the lines of dl() function not allowed in multithreaded database configs…something like that. So I had to remove that code.

    Keep in mind I am using the MySQL 5x now so that means (from what I read) that I have to use the mysqli extension. I even tried changing the IF…DIE statement in wp-settings.php to say mysqli instead of mysql, but all I get then is no error message but a blank page instead.

    Anyhow I did all of this myself (set up the server from scratch), via website help and forum support suggestions and little by little im getting there. I defeat one monster just to meet another.

    Can anyone help with this current error I have?

    Much appreciated.

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  • moshu


    I am afraid you missed this

    Moshu Hi there,

    Are you referring to your comment about my asking for server help? If so i didn’t miss that.

    This post is about the error message —

    “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.”

    This has been posted quite a few times without you making that remark. My server is set up, im not asking how to set it up, I’m asking how to solve this error message I get when trying to install WordPress via the install.php file.

    This post only got lengthy because I was trying to give as much information as possible, and yes in doing so it sound as if it was about server setup.

    This question of mine is well within the scope of this Support forum for INSTALLATION.

    If I missed something else you were trying to point out, could you direct me to exact message you wanted me to see please?



    Maybe I wasn’t around all the time 🙂
    The error, however, doesn’t refer to anything WP related. It says that on your server PHP is missing MySQL. Which means: you don’t know how to set up your server, which means I am right to refer you to other places.


    Again Moshu, that question regarding the error has been posted numerous times HERE, in this community, and this section of the support area.

    I’m just trying to solve this is all. If someone is willing to help and has a solution that may work in my instance why not let it be.

    I’ve spent hours searching threads here and via google and nada seems to work.

    And sorry but all systems go shows my server is infact set up right. Just a little tweak is needed for WP 2x. /shrug this is just the best place to come for help I feel. Sorry to be such a bother to you.





    I just got it to work. I removed the code

    if ( !extension_loaded(‘mysql’) )
    die( ‘Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.’ );`

    from the wp-settings.php file and it worked.

    So on frustration and hours of my life lost on this, the fact that the problem was code found in a WordPress php file (not a php5 file, not a mysql file, or an apache file but a WP file) =) I will /stomp my foot and say that “yes it was a Wp issue” since it was WP code that knocked hours off my life.

    So /thbbbt to your remark “i don’t know how to set up a server and this wasn’t a WP issue…”

    cheers! rofl

    …onto the next problem I go

    just be happy for me I hope =) I am.

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