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  • on my blog i work together with another admin, we trust eachother enough, and would like to be able to edit each others things.
    when both on level 9 we can edit everything, but eachother. also we can’t edit the things ‘admin’ created.
    via the database i managed to both put us on level 10, but this didn’t help the problem, we still can’t edit eachother.
    is there a way (or else a new feature) so we could edit eachother, or just that level 10 may edit EVERYTHING?

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  • i’m not sure about going into the admin menu to edit, but when viewing your index, if you’re logged in, you should see “edit this” links next to each post for every post. you can edit each other’s posts through that. As for doing it inside the admin, you’d probably need to change some code.

    that is correct i see now. from the index i can edit other posts too, strange than that it is not possible from the admin panel.
    but, categories, links and users are not editeble this way…
    i’m not that good at the code to do it myself. maybe some kind of plugin someone wants to make??
    but, i think it more is a bug in the software, so it would be more likly if wordpress changed it themselfves, instead of some kind of plugin…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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