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  • 1st, sorry if this should have gone in installation questions… I think it fits better here.

    Anyways, have been modifying a theme (Boxshop) and every bit of custom css I added seemed to break the theme a little more… to a point where 1 issue broke 5 things and on and on…

    So I decided to switch to Twenty Seventeen Theme and delete the Parent and Child Themes.

    I then re-installed the themes and it’s as if nothing changed….same issues are there.

    I tried deactivating all of my plugins… nope, same issues after re-install.

    I’m wondering what’s causing this and is there some hidden cache in WP I’m not aware of?

    I have about 1000 Woocommerce products so I don’t want to completely reinstall everything and I’m wondering if I backup the database, will the problems follow me?

    Would a plugin like the “Advanced Database Cleaner” help?

    Any guidance greatly appreciated!!!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Maybe you can back-up your css customization and replace it with the default to see if that fixes it? If that does fix it, that means your CSS code is broken.

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    All of the customized CSS was stripped from the Child… but even upon re-install, I’m having the same issues… The theme is still a wreck.

    Looks perfect to me. You must have a cache on your local browser.

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    Is there a big black vertical menu in the left hand side or do you only see black on the scroll over/hover state?

    I only see black on the scroll over/hover state, but that’s where you would start re-inserting custom css to fix those issues.

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    I understand but that’s the point of the ticket… those things should all be inherent in the theme itself. I’ve deleted the theme and reinstalled but all CSS is still “stored” somewhere in WP

    I’ve tried everything but it’s like this error is now ingrained in my system.

    In the original theme I downloaded, that menu is black. Somewhere along the way it got screwed up and now it won’t reset, even upon reinstallation. I’ve cleared every single field I can think of.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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