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  • Hello, trying to work through a feature I need in my head and can’t think of a simple way to make this work. I’m sure there is something possible – I’m comfortable editing php if necessary.

    Here’s the situation:

    a) Building a page that will list a variety of “groups” for which a user can “sign up”

    b) Each group has a different facilitator

    c) When someone signs up for a group, we need to collect basic info from them (email address, name, etc.) The same form can be used for each group, as the info that needs to be collected is the same no matter which group they are signing up for.

    d) Here’s where it gets tricky – we need the results of the form to be submitted directly to the facilitator of that group. In other words, the email address the form results are submitted to has to be changed based on which group the user is signing up for. I’m envisioning some way (php/shortcode/plugin?) that calls for the form, but then has a customizable variable where we can specify the submit-to email address each time so that we could call the same form but easily submit results to a different email address. I’m trying to find a solution that is user-friendly for non-tech people who will be managing this.

    Hope that makes sense. Would appreciate any help/ideas you might have! Thanks again,

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