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  • I cannot have the form submit to an email address which uses the same domain name as the site. All other email addresses work fine.

    My site is hosted with Rackspace but i do not have direct access to the control panel. The domain name and email is hosted with Fasthosts. I believe the problem could be that Rackspace isn’t sending the email and I may need to talk with them, so instead I tried WP SMTP but I get “some errors” when I try sending a test mail. This could be Fasthosts problem, I’m using one of their StarterPlus emails for this purpose. I have also tried using WP Mail Options plugin but this also doesn’t work. Sending a test mail here appeared to send successfully but it never arrived.

    So between Rackspace and Fasthosts I have no idea how to sort this.

    As a work around I am sending form submissions to a gmail account which then filters the different forms and forwards them to

    Can anyone prompt me as to where the problem likely is?

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  • Experiencing the same problem on one of our sites. The website is hosted on Site5. We have other sites with identical setups (WordPress 3.7.1 and the latest version of Contact Form 7) on the same server without any issue. In fact, the site is an exact duplication with only content changes.

    The domain name is hosted with NameCheap and email hosted with ZOHO. We have contacted ZOHO and they insist the issue is not on their end, and the latest email I received from them was:

    On analyzing the logs with the headers below, we see that the server which sent this email did not relay the email for to our server.

    We suggest you to check with the php application support people to identify to which mail server they relayed the email. It should have been delivered to so that you will receive those emails in Zoho.

    Looking through the support requests, I have noticed a number of people posting that they’re unable to receive emails since the latest update of the plugin, or Core.

    i’ve just about had it with this plugin. really frustrating. it seems they have had many issues lately and even with the new update it was still failing to send email to the same domain.

    i think i’m gonna have to find a more upmarket solution. Gravity forms may be the way. I’m shuddering to thing about going through all the sites I’ve developed to see if the forms still work.

    Also… where is support? Deal breaker, you get what you pay for I suppose. Sad.

    I see the plugin author is active on other support threads, but not this one. Would be nice to get a reply as this is a significant issue.

    Digging up this one, same issue – website hosted on one server, emails on other, both using same domain name. No emails are getting delivered 🙁

    @kramarz – As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Posting in an existing topic prevents being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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