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  • I am very new to WordPress but am thinking of using in my membership site. Based on a person’s level in my membership site they will have access to more information as their level increases. Is there a way to have different themes reference the same database but restrict what a theme can access. Top level could access all of the information but low access could only access certain areas. I could set up seperate databases for each theme but then would have to update all of the databases everytime I post something and that is what I am trying to avoid. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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  • I’m not quite clear on what you are asking – but I’m gonna take a shot, anyway.

    So you want to have one blog, with many users posting to it? But you want the users to have different levels of authorization for what they can do to the blog?

    This is already set up in WP – you go to “Users” and add them in and the highest-level administrator can set the level of what they have access to.

    I am going to (hopefully) have one database which is actually going to be an entire course. Each month I would like to have my membership software give them access to another blog theme that provides them with not only the the first module of the course but the second module of the course. (this will continue as the months progress) Now a new member will only be assigned to the theme of the first module and hopefully not be able to see the second module, third module… I would like to accomplish this with just one database but again just restrict access to parts of the database.

    I’m sorry – I don’t know what you mean by “course” – you mean you plan on using the blog as a teaching tool for something? I’m not sure what you mean by assigning themes and such…

    Maybe it would help if you explained what this is for, and what you plan to do with it? So far, I’m lost as to what you’re trying to do here.

    For the record, though, you can have as many WP installations as you want on one database – as long as the database is big enough to hold them all. You just have to change that setting in your wp_config.php file.

    What I mean by course is a web based correspondence course. Since they are paying a monthly subscription fee it essentially is dividing the total amount of the course fee by 12 months. For example total course cost is $480.00 so monthly fee is $40.00. Now since they are spreading the cost out over 12 months I do not want to give them access to the entire course (int the database)the first month so they can download everything and then leave and get a $480.00 course for $40.00. So what I am hoping to do is divide the course into modules as explained above. I am hoping to have a theme for module one that only allows them to see the information in the database concerning module one topics then have another theme for that will allow access to both module one and module two (database topics concerning module one and module two) that they will have access to in month two after paying another $40.00. Again, I am hoping to do this with one database and provide restricted access to the database depending on what month of the course they are. Is this making more sense now?

    Yes, now you’re making more sense. So your basic “issue” (as I see it) is that not everyone will be signing up on the same day, etc. etc., so you want to keep the “newbies” from accessing whatever the 5th week people are on, right? I get it.

    Part of me thinks that you’re “overthinking” this – no offense meant! 🙂 Possibly using the wrong terminology – and that’s what’s confusing me. The thing that’s throwing off your explanation is the word “theme”. For WordPress, the “theme” is what holds the payout and design of the page. From this last explanation, it sounds like you’re using the word “theme” to mean a section of the side that paid users can have access to – the layout and design isn’t really what matters.

    If I’m wrong, please correct me on that. However, assuming I’m right…

    I’m not sure how you plan to pass out the course information, but in WordPress, you *can* password protect posts and Pages. So, for example, you could create a Page (or post – but in this case, I think a static Page would be better) for each months’ “education” and password protect it. When someone comes through with the payment for month 1, you send them the password to that Page so they can obtain their education. Month 2, the same way.

    Does that make sense to you? Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for. 🙂

    Yes, Yes I think that will work (and no I was not offended for telling me I am “overthinking”). So just to make sure I understand (I am very new to wordpress so that is part of the problem) is I could set up seperate pages that have all of my literature, audios and videos for each month on them and my main blog page would have a link to those. On this link I could password protect them so that could not access them without the password. If this is correct again I think this would work great. Thanks for your help.

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