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Sales page and other questions.

  • Hi,

    I have been looking at your plugin and so far it looks great. I am building a site for my local garage who offer repairs and car sales. I have already set up a page for car sales and another for van sales http://www.riversidegaragetideford.co.uk/car-sales and wanted to know how I set it so that the cars i add using your plugin, appear on this page I have already created.

    Also is it possible to have seperate searches and pages for car sales and van sales? if so how do i do this? Again i would want to set it up to appear on the van sales page.

    Kind regards



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  • Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hi Jon,

    Currently it is not possible to embed the listings the way you’re wanting too. However, we are working on adding a set of shortcodes to the PlugIn that will do exactly what you’re looking for. I don’t have a specific timeline on when they might be released, but I would guess a couple weeks.

    In the meantime I do have a workaround that you might try. Download a redirect plugin like;


    You can use that to send your ‘car-sales’ page directly to the search results for vehicles with a body style of ‘car’ and then you can do the same thing with the vans.

    Creating a search form for just cars or just vans is a little trickier, are you comfortable adding custom css and javascript? If so I can send you some info to get you started. Just let me know.

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks, I will keep my eye out for the update.

    As for the second issue I am comfortable with css but not javascript, but if you cpould pass it in I will have a loo and see how I get on if thats ok?



    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hey Jon,

    First you’re going to need a third party plugin like “CSS & JavaScript Toolbox”;


    After you have that installed go to the page where you can add custom code (I think it’s under settings) and add the following;

    .search_body {
         display:none !important;
    <script type='text/javascript'>
           function makeOption(id){

    The first piece (the css) hides the body style selection from the search form. The second piece (the js) tells the page to automatically select ‘van’ as the body style.

    The “CSS & JavaScript Toolbox” PlugIn allows you to select which page the custom code is used on. In this case you will select the page where you want to search vans.

    To create a search for cars you would add another custom code block and change the word ‘van’ to ‘car’ and then tell it to output only on the page you want to search cars on.

    Hopefully you can use that to create your custom search until we have an option in our PlugIn to customize the searchs.

    Let me know if that works.


    Thanks Jay,

    This is a little (ok maybe a lot) beyond my capabilities so I think I will concede defeat with this one.

    I maybe going mad, but is there a search filter that I can add to the sales page on my site and not just the sidebar?

    I love the plugin, it is a lot better than a paid for one that we tied using before and a lot more comprehensive.



    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hey Jon,

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I’ll try to get the next version wrapped up as soon as I can and get you the features you need built in.

    Currently the search widget has 3 modes, a full sized narrow search, a short narrow form and a wide horizontal search. Currently those are the only search form options. I know several users are taking advantage of the horizontal search and putting it as the top of the page, but this is only an option if you have a widget area there.

    Keep your eye out for the next update.

    take care,


    Looking forward to the update.

    I have uploaded some cars, but when I do a search for them they do not show up in the search. Any ideas?

    the website is http://www.riversidegaragetideford.co.uk



    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hey Jon,

    Sorry for the delay. Can you try adding a $0 dollar price to one of the vehicles and see if it will come up then? Let me know if that works.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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