• Hello, slick plugin. I did experience some issues with free and also special pricing.

    I know someone else posted that a course is FREE, does not reflect a “add to cart” button nor a price.

    Next, I did notice when I added a sale price, it did not reflect the sale price on the woocommerce page. Instead, it showed the original price and the sale price is the same price.

    I think some tweaks are needed. I’m going to also debug.

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    Sales Prices – I solved and also added text to the $0 to print “FREE Couse $0”.

    2nd part not solved, I am looking for a solution for this.

    Plugin Author Matías Anca


    Hi @bigbankclub , I’m currently acnoledge about the sales problema ando working un a fix. As workarround, You can update the sales prices from WooCommerce and it should work.

    Please tell me how You solve the free problem, so I can evaluate yo include in the next reléase (it’s comming to soon)


    I had the same problem with the Sales price. I fixed it Removing the sale price in the Course. After updating, the Woocommerce plugin reflected the change. Then I set the Sale price in Woocommerce and it showed correctly in the Product page.

    Great plugin by the way!!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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