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    I noticed in google a product with a higher price then the product price itself says.When checking the feed it would say
    price: 15 EUR
    sale price: 20 EUR

    The first strange thing is that the sale price is higher then the normal price. Secondly the product has no sale price.

    I tried and checked the following
    1. Filled in a new price and sale price.. the feed gets updated in the right way. Deleting the sale price will get it to fall back to 20 EUR.
    2. Updated the plugin > Same effect
    3. Deleted the sale part from the feed + added it again > same effect
    4. Updated all other plugins + WC background update > same effect
    5. Updated wordpress > same effect
    6. Turned off all other plugins except Woocommerce. > same effect
    7. Deleted cache (Comet Cache)
    8. Duplicated the feed > same effect
    9. Added new feed > same effect
    10. Made a copy of the product. Then the sale price disapears. So there probably is some old data in the orignal product that causes this.. No clue how to solve this though..

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  • Plugin Author Auke Jongbloed


    Hello @eeuweb

    So in the feed, the product price is 15 euro’s and the sales price is 20 euro?
    In the shop, the product is 15 euro’s and has no sales price? So somehow the feed picks up a sales price that does not exist?

    Is this happening with only one product?
    Was it a variable product that has been changed to a normal product or the other way around?

    I checked all prices of this websites feed.
    – 13 of 76 products have a sale price in the feed that does not exist.
    – Some of the products might have been products that where changed from variable to simple, but i’m certain most where always simple products.
    – 12 of the 13 products have the same sale price (that does not exist)
    – sometimes the sale price is higher then the real price, sometimes lower.
    – 8 of the 13 products are copies from each other (same product type > different sizes). But since, ‘numeration 10’ from my last post proofed that copying gets rid of the sale price, this cant be the reason.

    Also noticed something else. I added a new category for testing > Added one product > Updated a feed to only use that category > Manually regenerated the feed list > On the list overview it says 1 product > Opening the xml it contains multiple products and not the test product. If I add a completely new feed it works however. It maybe not related but wanted to mention it anyway.
    Edit: Tested this some more and it seems with other products in the original feed this is also the case. Duplicating the feed or starting a new one does solve it.
    Edit2: Also tested this again with caching plugin disabled. Products get update the right way, but sale price problem still is there.

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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 4 weeks ago by Bakkie.

    Any clue what the cause could be?

    Also checked the database itself > Postmeta. The sale_price is empty. But cant seem to find where the wrong sale prices comes from..

    Plugin Author Auke Jongbloed


    @eeuweb if you recreate one of the products that goes wrong.
    Is it working than? Seems to me the products in your database are corrupted.

    @aukejomm Yes, like i mention before, making a copy will get rid of the sale price. But that is not my preferred solution since those pages have a lot of history. But if you dont have a clue maybe that is the only option.

    I’m not sure where the problem lies. Like i said I could not find anything wrong in the database. But I understand your answer.

    Plugin Author Auke Jongbloed


    Hello @eeuweb,

    You can keep your page history for the search engine by giving the page the same title.
    So, create a new product with the same permalink as the old product. Than the new product has the same product url.

    This will initially fail because there cannot be two products/pages with the same url so create the product with exactly the same content, images etc. Next delete the old product and give the new product the same permalink.

    You can also rename the permalink from the old product so it is not lost completely.

    Does this make sense?

    Plugin Contributor Michel Jongbloed


    Hello @eeuweb,

    I hope we were successful in helping you resolve your issue with our Feed Manager plugin! Since we don’t want to leave tickets open forever, I will now be marking this support topic as resolved. However, if we still haven’t resolved your issue please reach out to us as we would be more than happy to further assist you!

    Thanks and have a great day!

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