• Would it be possible to have a SAG (Statistics At a Glance) screen added to WP?
    What I mean by that is – something like this (Ignore the fonts, it’s a screen shot of my admin area then ammended in Photoshop)…
    The menu options to the right are purely for layout purposes…
    When someone logins into the admin area, they’re not always making a new post – so it really doesn’t make any sense to dump them at a post/edit page.
    Not to demerit WP, but, it seems to be the only piece of webware that doesn’t display a SAG screen when an admin logs in.

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  • Can be completed with:
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    Grab a beer [_]o (click to open bottle) ; )

    Err, maybe YOU OJ can answer my little question what the thumbnails created with each upload are used for and where I can see, what I have uploaded before? This seems to be a very difficult question… Only a code for copy and paste is created (and a thumb of course). But this makes no sense for me without any listing in the upload-section.
    I havent seen anything like this in the latest nightly…

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    That’s not a bad idea, the edit screen is evolving into something like this.

    And again my simple questions are ignored — even by a developer. Starts to be funny.

    *Looks at the topic*
    It normally helps if it’s in the right thread.

    Ok, my last try to get an answer to a simple question:
    Would somebody please take a look here:
    Thanks! Thanks also to OJ for pointing to the topic.

    Jeeze kid… do you mind not thread-jacking?

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