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  • I am very grateful for this plugin. I have received the message “Warning: An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration.” many times when using XAMPP and WAMP servers over the years. I never had issues with the sites on hosted servers. Using WAMP, checking the PHP and Apache cURL settings and increasing execution times and addition of code to the wp-config.sys files had reduced the occurrences, so never a real problem.

    I recently reinstalled WAMP in order to obtain updates and be able to use PHP 7.2 and 7.3. Since the update, the occurrences of this warning had increased and recently became a serious problem. With debug ‘display’ set to true the pages filed with warnings and finally I could not get updates. The problem occurred on several sites and I had a feeling that changes in WP core files was the cause, possibly with provisions for parallel updates for 4.9.x and 5.1.x, although hosted sites had no similar issues. I prefer to fix problems with my own code, except when it means changing core files. I spent many hours on the issue and went through all the checks and tweaks to no avail. I had not expected to find a plugin, but came across SaFly Curl Patch and no more warnings! A truly remarkable plugin!

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