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  • I have installed the safeInclude pluging that is supposed to allow you to add static information to your posts or pages by inserting {{filename}} into them. where “filename” is the name of the .php, .htm, .html file you are using. It installed ok but the script I’m trying to run won’t display correctly. The script I’m using requires the use of other files and I’m just wondering if for some reason the plug-in doesn’t allow the use of other files.

    require ‘settings.php’;

    $lines = array ();

    echo ‘<p class=”linkman”>’;

    foreach ($lines as $thisline)
    if (!empty($thisline)) {
    if ($settings[‘clean’] != 1) {$url=’go.php?url=’.$url;}
    echo ‘‘.$title.’ – ‘.$description.'<br>’;

    It is supposed to display an arrayed list of the links that others have added to my site but for some reason nothing shows up on the page. But if I run this script without using a wordpress page it works just fine.
    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

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  • Yeah, I am having some trouble with safeInclude as well: can’t add new pages and the author’s site seemed to be all messed up. Can’t post comments and there’s no contact info that I can find.

    May be time to look for another way to do this.

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