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    It would be great if the original images are stored in a different directory, this way we can safeguard them from copying and other people applying their own watermark. Also it allows for easy backup.
    In my theme I have removed the link to the original image, however you can still access the original image from the URL.

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  • How would moving image files to a different folder help to protect them?

    wp-contents/upload/image.jpg would not exist

    only thumbnails would exist
    wp-contents/upload/image-300×200.jpg would exist

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    wp-contents/upload/image.jpg would not exist

    Why not just not upload those images to begin with? Keep them off the Web.

    As soon as you put them on your Webpage you can’t protect them.

    When an image is uploaded, the original is uploaded in the same directory as the one with the different sizes.

    So maybe a plugin can have all the original in e.g.
    wp-contents/uploads_originals/ {or a folder you specify so no one would know}

    the rest of the sizes are in the normal directory

    Why? Anyone who views any of the images (including the full size one) will have a copy of that image in their browser cache.

    I have removed links to the original image in the Theme. Only other sizes are shown in the site with a watermark.

    The original doesn’t have watermarks, therefore i need to ensure no one can access it via the URL.

    Why not upload a watermarked full size image in the first place?

    I wish to keep the originals untouched, the future we may change the logo or watermark.

    Couldn’t you keep copies of the un-watermarked originals stored offline?



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    As previously mentioned, once you upload an image, you can reasonably expect that people will download it. Many graphics artists and photographers no longer upload full-sized or full-quality versions of their images for precisely this reason. I’m not sure in this case how altering the URL that such images live under would help in any way, unless you are proposing that such images would be watermarked on the fly, in some way.

    Can someone help me out? I can’t seem to find any help with my issue. I somehow change my url for my site and now I cannot login to change it back. I can’t login any where to access my admin login or anything. Can someone help me with this.

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    You haven’t posted for help with your issue yet, do so here:

    I think what esmi is trying to tell you is that once you have the images on a webhost, anywhere on the Internet, they’re not “safe” anymore. Your best bet is to keep the originals off the internet, keep them as private images on flickr or some such site and use only watermarked images on your website. Don’t upload full quality versions online anyway, convert them to low quality (without losing the details) jpg and that’s probably your best bet.

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