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  • boneless


    How safe is it to update my blog to the beta-version?
    And what are the main benefits of it?

    thanks !

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  • PetriWessman


    The main benefit to my mind is the theme support, it’s quite nice to be able to isolate your layout from the core files.

    The current CVS snapshot has a problem (at least for me and some others), in that editing of posts has suddenly stopped working (there’s a separate thread about this). As that is more than a bit of an annoyance, I’d wait until that gets cleared up until updating.



    I don’t know what’s causing that problem, but if you’ll replace the file called “post.php” in the wp-admin folder with the same file from the Dec.24 nightly snapshot, editing should work again.



    that’s strange.. for me, the plus point would be pages, themes are cool too

    but i like the idea of managing pages even though it’s just a couple of them, hahaa



    I would recommend that you create a test site and ensure that it is functioning properly before converting a current site into the 1.5 beta versions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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