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  • Hi all! I searched but couldn’t find an answer to my specific concern…

    Is it safe, as Super Admin, to remove myself as a user from a child site?

    Background: I had to add myself – aka; Admin (Super Admin) – to a bunch of child sites, when I discovered earlier WP versions would change the Author of child site posts I edited to Admin and not allow me to select any other Author, unless I was a user of that site. Make sense?

    I notice now that I can edit child site posts and select any authors of that site. But I got a little leery about clicking that remove button on the child site dashboard Users tab. Can someone please confirm that doing so will not affect my account on any other site, especially the main one! Call me Nervous Nelly…

    Thanks is advance for your time.

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  • No, it should not affect anything AND you’ll still be able to access the child sites anyway and edit the same things.

    you just won’t be listed in the userlist for that blog.

    Thanks for the quick reply, Andrea! That’s what I figured, just looking for confirmation before I deleted my Admin account.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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