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    I am having trouble with three parts of a site I am building for a client. The site is and is currently just a splash page for a company, so none of the links should work. Everything looks great in Firefox, but when I view the site in other browsers, problems pop up.

    1.) When I view the site in IE8, the feature/slider image on the page is about 250px below where it should be. I’ve been able to play with the code in IE’s development browser, but I cant figure out how to make it stick that way. I tried an IE-Only Conditional Style, but I think that the other style is still overriding it. (I also used a feature on the Theme I’m using, which is Platform Pro, that should fix the compatibility problems with IE). If I use this code, will it be alright for regular visitors, or do I need to hardcode a fix into the CSS?

    2.) When I view the site in Safari, my background image is missing and the background color is gone. It’s like Safari doesn’t even notice my body CSS.

    3.) Also in Safari, the footer of the document is missing. I had this problem with another wordpress site, but I was able to fix that. But I didn’t right down HOW I fixed it.

    Any assistance on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I could not find a suitable way to solve the feature image issue within CSS, so I coded the feature image into the page content area. It looks fine in all browsers, but if I need to create a slideshow, I’ll have to import a plugin or something.

    I also fixed the footer by setting the position to absolute instead of relative, which is okay, except if I have a long or page on the rest of the site.

    Still can’t figure out the safari background issue.

    were you able to fix this problem, i am having similar problems with the website, and it is driving me nuts. It looks just fine in firefox and chrome but not on safari or IE



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    @angelabacca: It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s thread. Added to which, your issue may not have anything to do with the original poster’s problem. Please post a new topic.

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