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    Hey all,
    A few bugs:

    I was showing off my first Aesop story to a client, when she noticed her Safari browser kept spontaneously scrolling downward, making reading impsossible. My first chapter starts a fair bit down the page, and the window kept scrolling to that point.

    Also, she couldn´t navigate by pressing the DOWN cursor key. had to use a trackpad… the site should accept scrolling by cursor key?

    Then, on my front page, there’s no Featured image behind the intros. Is this proper for genji?

    Lastly, chapters. In Genji, if I add more than three chapters, or if a chapter title is too long, it messes up the layout for the top bar, because it can only be one line.

    What’s up with that?
    Side note: I’m looking to maybe buy kerouac, but as I see now, the issues described above apparently aren’t solved in Kerouac either… 🙂

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  • Hi Boris!

    I did some testing in Safari on multiple posts, including one with chapters, and my test site is not doing any automatic scrolling. Could you please provide me with a link to the exact post that is auto-scrolling for her?

    Using the down-arrow to navigate is working on my test site until you get to a chapter or timeline stop area (like a new chapter, timeline, etc). She should be able to navigate down from the top of the page until she reaches that point. I’ve made a note for our developers of the down-arrow scrolling being non-functional at stop points.

    The Genji main page posts show whatever image you have set as the “featured image” for each post. Be sure you have selected an image to display for each post, otherwise the posts will only display as a list.

    Regarding the chapter title lengths, this is a bug. I have noted it in our tracking system. For now, I recommend using simple numbers for chapters until we can get a fix out.

    The down-arrow issue and the chapter title lengths are native issues within Aesop so they will be evident in Kerouac as well, however Kerouac has a look and feel like no other. 🙂

    Plugin Author Nick Haskins


    CLosign this out Boris let us know if you need any more help!

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