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    I just imported my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It looks great in Firefox. But, in Safari, NONE of my pictures come up. This is pretty much a photo blog, so I’m pretty disappointed. Is there a short cut to getting my images to import into Safari, or do I have to reload all of them one by one (which I will not do…). Thanks!

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  • How about a link?

    The links work. the whole thing looks like crap in safari. c-r-a-p crap…. 🙁


    I meant a link to your site.

    ….oh. I’m a little out of it, obviously! 😉 Thanks–here it is: It used to be


    That’s ok, you’re Canadian… *wheee*

    Anyhow, the image links look kinda wacky, what are you using to post them? The links are not valid, don’t even show in Firefox here. Note: Path to image is ok, just the ‘structure’ of the link is bad.

    Look at the unclosed tags here:

    Weird. Seems to work on the ‘single’ page tho…

    try the firefox one again–my designer’s working on it, so the images disappeared for awhile.

    interesting that it works on a single page….

    Note that I JUST imported the blog from blogger. I haven’t posted anything new in wordpress yet (except my designer, who posted “Test”)

    So, any ideas on what I should do??
    Anything I CAN do??

    and, be nice, eh? wheeeee! 😉

    Thanks so much for helping!

    Ahh, that info helps… It looks like the stuff you transferred just contains some older HTML. The theme you’re using is xhtml1.0 strict (this is ok, not like the widowed fifth-grade teacher with the paddle, totally different).

    In effect, you need to drag the old posts up to more modern standards. For example, in xhtml you have to close tags, so on that validation page (linked above) it’s throwing out errors like a monkey on crack.

    It takes time. This might help some: WordPress Troubleshooting: I have to validate? Oh MY!!

    PS And try to stay warm up there!!!

    Thanks! So much!
    And, we’re actually in a heat wave…that is, if you were serious with that advice!!!!

    I don’t see any of the images at all in Firefox, and IE shoes errors, but that is likely due to the fact that they are still being hosted by Blogger.

    You may want to consider moving the images from Blogger’s server to your own. I have a plugin that does just that because, like you, I had a blogger photo blog that I recently imported to WordPress.

    Here is my before and after

    I’d like to know if you find a good way to continue posting images to your blog. I’m not a big fan of the default WordPress image import as it does strange things with thumbnails (either you don’t get one or it is very small), and I have considered modifying it, but I want something that was as easy to use as Picasa.

    And, we’re actually in a heat wave…that is, if you were serious with that advice!!!!

    Sorry, I have an evil, old habit of teasing…

    poco: I ended up adding the ImageManager plugin out of frustration ;’) It gives me a little bit more control.

    If you’ve found anything better, let us know…

    I figured out how to import images from Blogger manually using wget:

    Thanks so much everyone. Poco, the advice re. the plugin is really thoughtful. I find it so hard to set up plugins on the Mac, though. in any case, I ended up moving the images that I really wanted to import to Photobucket.

    Sorry, by the way, I just saw all these exchanges now!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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