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  • Hey everyone.

    There seem to be ongoing issues with Safari… but just in case this isn’t *only* limited to Safari I wanted to bring it up.

    I’m using the latest build of 1.5 (Feb 14) and when I tried to put a <!--more--> tag within an open <OL> (but not a list), Safaris’ CSS rendering of the page freaked out. There were sidebars and blogrolls everywhere!

    (Actually, they were just “shifted over” about 100px)

    It seemed to still be fine in Firefox (on Mac), so this might only be a Safari issue.

    Here’s the post I had the “more” on…

    Had it between the 1st and 2nd item.



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  • Hi!

    Konqueror also does not like <!–more–> 🙁


    This issue was reported back in the days of 1.2

    Don’t know anything about it, but you might find this useful, or things it links to.

    according to that URL, the issue is not yet resolved

    WordPress is also *still* not displaying the buttons shortcut buttons for adding links, strong, italic, etc… into posts in Safari.

    Could someone please make this a high priority! Safari is an excellent browser and getting better with every release… and it is now the absolute DEFAULT browser in MacOS X 10.4

    These nagging issues need to be fixed.

    My apologies if I come off sounding pushy… but this has been a problem with WordPress from day one… surely it’s not hard to fix permanently!

    Just to add… as a previous responder indicated, this is not just an issue with Safari, but rather all browsers that use the KHTML rendering engine. Konqueror and other Linux browsers fall into that category.

    chrisale – WP does not show quicktags in Safari because the they do not work in the same way as they do in IE/ FF etc. If you want them back, follow these instructions:

    Fair enough… if there is truly no way for WordPress to fix this… then I will direct my vitriol at Apple instead since they didn’t fix it in Safari 2.0 either!

    To other Safari users:

    If you want Apple to fix this.. then the only way we can do it is to bug them, pun intended.

    In Safari 2.0 go to the “Safari” menu and select “Report Bugs to Apple” (in v1.x I believe it’s in the Help menu).

    If you do it while you are viewing this thread it should include the address to this page in its bug report.. which will direct Apple developers to the right place.

    Hopefully the result will be that Apple fixes this problem in Safari, and the KHTML engine and we don’t have to hack WordPress anymore!


    Oh… btw the instructions for getting quicktags to work in WordPress are wrong… it specifies the file /wp-admin/comments-functions.php which doesn’t exist.

    The correct file is:




    The correct file is:
    Codex page edited.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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