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  • Hi,

    I am managing a wordpress website on a hosted server.

    I know the benefits of keeping a local copy on a dev server to test updates before deploying the live server.

    I already run a copy of MAMP and am busy developing 2 wp sites at the moment.

    I downloaded the document root files from the live host server and installed on my local machine. I exported the database and imported to the local db on the local machine. updated the URLS to point to the local site.
    However when I try to access the site through Safari which is my primary browser and which is able to access the other local wp sites I’m working on, it gives me an error page ‘Safari can’t connect to the server’. This initially led me to think that I had went wrong somewhere, so I re-did the whole process from scratch.

    I should have done this first and checked, I opened the site in Chrome and in Firefox and am able to access the local site perfectly, the admin and dashboard. All the links are correct, the local copy is a perfect clone of the live site. So I did everything right.

    Any ideas why it is not working in Safari? I have deleted cookies and cache.

    When I type in

    I see a list of the folders containing the different wp sites that i’m working on.
    All of them are working except, the one I’ve mentioned above, the clone of the live site.

    And the clone works in the other browsers except Safari.

    I’d really appreciate any suggestions.


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  • Point to instead of localhost:8888

    You have two different server setup based on vhost, OSX has Apache installed by default. If that default server is enabled, the files from two different different ports might be served.
    One is listening on port 80 ( another improperly listening on port 8888. This is a problem with MAMP. One need to fix the vhost to rightly redirect the alias.

    On OS X 10.8.2, actually you can install LAMP stack like Ubuntu or other Linux via command line, PHPMyAdmin will give a nice GUI for MySQL; instead of MAMP like third party software. They were actually used before.

    (MAMP can contribute to increased shut down time of Mac, making it feel like Windows PC.)

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