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    I am using safari and lately I decided to remove 1 out of 6 of my text widgets within the sidebar. This was great, it removed the text widget but however also removed the contents within the other 5 widgets. It did not remove the other text widgets just the content or code that was within them. I am not quite sure what happened but please fix this problem asap!

    Thanks for everything

    Edit 1: I seem to have found some more information, it does seem to be across all browsers, safari, ie and even firefox. It seems to happen when you press edit on the text box widget and then press cancel for some reason it seems to empty all of the content of the text widgets.

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  • The same problem here on WordPress 2.5. I’ve got two text widgets. When saving one, the second blanks out. When putting text onto second, there’s all right, but I don’t know if I would edit more than two widgets.

    I am having the exact same problem as well. It seems to occur intermittently. I can go and add text widgets, edit code etc with no problems at all, but then I come back and add a new text widget and it wipes out all pre-existing text widgets plus the one I just added.

    Same problem as well. This is incredibly annoying. I’m having to go to Google cache to get my code back. What gives, WordPress?

    I think I might find a workarround for now. Every time you edit widgets, open every text widget and save/submit it. Then save entire sidebar.

    I had this problem with IE, and Safari but not with Firefox – that seems okay for me.

    Scratch that – Firefox has this problem as well. It just seems to work sometimes and not other times. This is pretty annoying.

    I also have this problem…on 4 text widgets…. When editing 1 text widget, all others blank out…super frustrating.
    Kozlov’s work around works for me
    If you open each widget and confirm each before saving changes you can get the info to stick sometimes…not 100% but enough to get past.

    Firefox and Safari…both for me.

    I don’t know much of anything, but I think there’s a problem with the widgets.php file. Several people have reported this error (I copied this from someone else’s post)

    Warning: array_keys(): The first argument should be an array in /home/www/stuff/yearxi/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 654

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/stuff/yearxi/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 654

    The same thing was happening to me last night. It happened right after I had installed a text widget, then removed it. It installed fine. But when I removed it, the error occurred. Looking at the widgets.php file, the instance that the error is referring to – array_keys and foreach – seem to be dealing with the text widget. Text widgets are different since you can have more than one of them.

    I went back to look at what the widgets.php file looked like in 2.3 (might have been 2.2…it’s an old sort of dormant install) and there was nothing like that. And the little snooping I did, together with the wording of those warnings, makes me think that there’s just something plain written wrong there.

    Everything I read advised reverting to a back up, reinstalling, reupgrading. Blah. I just added back a text widget and the warnings went away.

    But I would love someone with more knowledge to let me know if the warnings going away and my adding back a text widget were just a ‘happy coincidence’. And if the issues described in this thread seem to be tied up with that same – foreach and array_keys area of widgets.php. The mystery is driving me mad!

    With the release of 2.5.1, I will be testing this bug out to see if it has been completely resolved. Please post if it has been fixed on your blog.

    This issue seems to have been resolved. Changing status of post to resolved. Create your own thread if the bug still exists (which it shouldn’t!)

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