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    I have searched the forums and tried everything mentioned on this topic and nothing seems to work. I have edited everything I can think of in the style CSS page but I am certainly no expert on that.
    My blog looks fine in IE but not in firefox or safari.
    The header, sidebar and first post are fine but after that everything shifts to the left. Please help!!

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  • correction. its not displaying correctly in IE either. it’s like this happened on its own. a week ago everything displayed fine.

    i will be glad to post css, or html code. whatever you need to figure out the issue.

    its probably something in one of your posts. maybe with the videos you posted. or an unclosed tag. run it through a validator.

    thanks for your response. I deleted my video post and ran it through the validator. Click Here
    for the results. Do any of these errors stand out as being the problem?
    Click here to see my theme.

    your register line (line 91 in validation) needs to have <ul></ul> around it.

    on line 167

    <p><object height="355" width="425"></p>

    the </p> is an extra tag that splits the object tag

    need to add a </div> before </body>

    Thank you for your time. I appreciate all the help I can get. how do I know where to find the liones of code you are mentioning? Should all of this be under Main Index Template or Stylesheet?

    what is the register line?

    I fixed all the code i was able to find. Does anyone else have a suggestion? My blog does this with any theme. So I doubt every theme in wordpress has all these validation errors. But what do I know?

    looks good in opera and firefox…ie messed up tho

    the register line is not a big deal

    ok. looks like it was the you tube vids causing the problem. i deleted my theme and then re installed it to my blog. everything was displaying normal except for one post that had a video. i deleted that post and everything was cool. then i posted another you tube video and everything got shoved to the left again. weird. thank you everyone for your help. everything is straight now. i’ll just be posting links now a instead of embedding videos.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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