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  • Apple introduced Safari V3.0 on Monday, upgrading the current Mac version and introducing it for Windows users for the first time. However, the big news was that V3.0 in combination with WordPress offers the features that were missing in V2.x but present in Firefox. Most conspicuously, the post creation page now has fully-formed editing buttons instead of generic “chiclet” buttons (which every Mac users in familiar with!). Also, the posting window is now resizable! Spell checking now underlines unrecognized words with a squiggly red line. Apparently the Apple elves have been at work.

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  • Safari + WP is very fast too.

    Bit of an issue though, I was using Safari with the Rich Text Editor, and noticed some strange behaviours. So I switched off the RTE, but even with just the plain editor I’m noticing oddities.
    For example, the the closing double quote in a string converted to a semicolon
    “foo” becomes “foo;
    Also inclusion of seemingly random characters at the top of a page
    e.g &t or &ut
    Haven’t found the cause or even a reproducible situation however, it just happens enough to notice.
    Maybe its just the particular pages I’m working, but I suspect there are some issues with editing in Safari to be resolved.
    Anyone else noted any edit issues with Safari?

    I think the title of this topic is misleading.

    WP 2.2 works much, much better with Safari 2.x than it does with Safari 3 β

    Anyone else noted any edit issues with Safari?

    Well. The WIndows version is buggy as hell. But the Mac version of Safari 3b1 works very very nice.

    I use Safari 3.x (beta) on the Mac. All I have to do to screw up a post is to open it in the editor. ALL of the html code disappears. If I make a word bold, an Apple-style brackets the word: <span style=”font-weight: bold” class=”Apple-style-span”>.

    This ‘span’ tag saves properly but all of the paragraph tags get stripped. Also, I cannot insert an image. (All of the above work properly in FireFox for Mac.)

    I have a feeling that Safari has some issues in its Javascript interpreter.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

    I can confirm – Safari 3.0 is editor challenged. I can use some of the features but inserting an image link does nothing. Even editing in the code view doesn’t work as you go back and your changes are gone.

    I can confirm that Safari, v3.03 (522.12.1), is still having issues with WordPress v2.3 editor.

    I also must say that the latest set of upgrades Apple pushed across the pipe this past week has broken my Safari and many other people’s Safari browsers into being a slow, unusable application.

    The solution is to use Firefox until Apple can get things sorted out.



    I have just tried the new version, Safari 3.0.4 with WordPress 2.3.
    It still has the issues dcrellen described. When I save an existing post it loses the paragraph tags 🙁



    I’m having the same problem all the html code getting erased when opening up a post to edit with Safari 3.0.4 and WordPress 2.3.1 as well. Thinking about Mars Edit as a solution instead of Firefox, as I experience the same problem with Firefox

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